Build a village in this fun and addicting incremental game! With a freeform building system, you can design your village any way you'd like. Watch it fill up with people as you earn more and more gold from your village.

The game will automatically save every 5 seconds, so don't worry about losing progress. You can also do a manual save if you wish.

To start the game off, you must click hunt by clicking the hunt button in the actions menu. The income will increase as you get more people in your village, which you can do by constructing buildings 200 gold and above.


Left-click - Select Building / Place Building

Left-click & Drag - Pan

Right-click - Cancel Building

Made withUnity
Tags2D, builder, clicker, Pixel Art, village
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Game only has piles of hay and crops that i know because there is no way to go up in tech but still i like the calm music when i'm annoyed


Did you add more content yet just curious cuz I beat the game in 10 mins like a year ago so... :)


Haha, nope. I haven't had time to do game dev for a bit. I am planning to make a big sequel to this game in the future though. Thanks for checking in. :)

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Hi :)

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Sarainia, you only know your own life, not the lives of others. There are innumerable reasons for people to give up on a project, and while it is sad when it happens, as long as they didn't charge people for it, they do not owe it to anyone to complete it.


  • Game development may not be as high a priority for others as it is for you.
  • Not all games are about "beating" them. This game, for instance, is clearly intended to be a relaxing sandbox town builder. It is done when the player is done with it, not at some point decided by the developer.
  • Some games allow for experiencing all of what they have to offer quickly, but that doesn't lessen their value. Games don't need to be long to be good. Similarly, games are not necessarily made better by extending their length.
  • Had you bothered to look in the comments that preceded your original comment, you would see that, when asked if there were plans to extend this game, they stated their plans to create a similar game with more content. Extending this game was already something they explained would not be happening.

Frostwalk Studio, completely disregard Sarainia's post. You have created a fine, enjoyable little game and I look forward to seeing its sequel (or any other future project) should you create one.

Edit: Since Sarainia took the liberty of editing her comment to hide her shame, I have taken the liberty of posting her comment as it originally appeared.


Thank you Clerk, I appreciate it! I was honestly so incredibly baffled by that reply that I didn't know how to respond. You put my thoughts so eloquently into words.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Your comment came at a very coincidental time too, as I'm currently developing some tools to use for future game projects. I've improved tremendously as a programmer and artist since making this little game (still a lot to learn though!), so hopefully my future projects will impress. :)


Otay I hope the future projects do impress thanks :)

I don't log in often unless I have several games that I have played that I want to write reviews for, but when I saw her comment I was so dumbstruck and disgusted that I had to respond to it.

On a brighter note, I am glad to hear your status update and I look forward to the future projects that you will make with the tools you are working on presently.

cool game, love the cute graphics, beat it in like 20min tho, would love more content, maybe even have like a sim city thing going where u advance through the ages or something, would love some more content.


Maybe there should be a palace and a castle in this game! Palace can cost like 50,000 and castle maybe 250,000, in 10 mins I was able to fill all slots with inns! I am thinking maybe everytime you buy something it should increase just that item by 10% selling should go up by 10% as well! Starting gold should only be 100 as I completed the game in 10 mins and have over Half a Million gold coins already lols This is the fastest I ever beat a clicker/ incremental game ever! :)


nice game! really what I needed this morning. I love the calm music and the fact that points accumulate automatically without me having to click. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your next game.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing. :)

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Not sure if it's on purpose but there is a "simple home sized" area exactly 8 watchtowers from the very left  where no building can be placed.

It's probably a bug. I've been getting some bug reports about the building system, so I'll overhaul it next time to make it more reliable.

What after I have 100k+ gold? Do you have plan to extend this game?

I do have plans to create a similar game with more content. This was a small game I made in a couple days, so I definitely want to make a longer game that has more playtime.


The most basic action requires clicking 100 times?  That's far too much.  Instead, make it 10 times and only produce .1 per second for it.  

Hi there! I agree with you completely, that was a poorly thought out design decision. I released an update that added 400 starting gold, along with fixing a bunch of bugs. Thank you for your suggestion.